I Know The Scriptures Are True #2 (Apr-Jun) B/W

I Know The Scriptures Are True #2 (Apr-Jun) B/W

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - A super activity book full of creative and informative handouts that have been carefully developed to enhance the Primary 2016 theme lessons(April-June).

I Know the Scriptures Are Trueis designed to help teach and present the concepts and ideas in the Primary Lessons for 2016 and to use as a super supplement for Family Home Evening ideas for families with Primary age children. These handouts and coloring pages are clearly outlined and are easy to assemble and use in the classroom, or in Family Home Evening.

Available In: Digital Download Only

    Includes the following creative and fun activities to stimulate learning and reinforce concepts!
  • 1) April- Jesus Christ was Chosen
  • 2) April- Jesus Loved Everyone
  • 3) April- Atonement Flip 'n' Find
  • 4) May- Building The True church
  • 5) May- Joseph Smith Mix 'n' Match
  • 6) May- Pick a Priesthood
  • 7) June- Finding Faith in Jesus Christ
  • 8) June- Really Repent!
  • 9) June- Baptism Bingo Group Game
  • 10) June- I Love The Scriptures Puzzle Presentation
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