Agency Armor -B/W

Agency Armor -B/W

Enforce the idea of wearing spiritual armor that will protect us when faced with worldly choices and decisions. This game is great to use with young women as well as younger children. Divide the class into two teams. The first team to dress their young woman in the "Agency Armor" wins. This is done by answering questions, doing role plays, etc. concerning the topic of your lesson. When answered or demonstrated correctly, a team member chooses a card from the sack. If it is an armor piece they do not have yet, they find that piece (located on a table) and place it on their young woman. If they choose a card that is an armor piece they already have...they put it back in the sack and their turn ends. If they choose a "Lose 1 Turn", or "Lose 1 Piece" card, they do what it says. The first team dressed in the spiritual armor our free agency and wise choice making builds for us is the winner!

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