LATTER-DAY WARRIORS (Work Incentives Charts)

LATTER-DAY WARRIORS (Work Incentives Charts)

A creative idea book designed for families and teachers in encouraging and creating fun incentives for doing positive behaviors.

Latter-Day Warriors has 11 different incentive charts for kids and work charts for kids on 64 black and white pages. The ideas have been clearly outlined an are easy to assemble and use in the classroom or with your family. Click here for Helpful Hints For Using Books

Available In: Print Format

  • Family Fun
  • Willing Workers
  • Seasonal Shapes
  • Get Hooked on Helping
  • Fill-in Fun
  • Winning Words
  • Happy Hearts
  • Temple Talkers
  • Busy Bees
  • Job Jugglers
  • Charts and Stickers: Kindness King, Search the Scriptures, Stuck on Stickers, Quiet as a Mouse, and Hamburger Helper
  • Happy Helpers Mix 'N' Match
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