Nursery Games and Activities to help LDS Nursery Leaders and parents teach gospel principles to children ages 18 months to 3 years old.

Nursery Time Fun and Games Volume 1 is designed to help teach and present the concepts and ideas in the Primary Manual #1 (I Am A Child Of God) and to use as a super supplement for Family Home Evening ideas for families with young children. These games and coloring pages are clearly outlined and are easy to assemble and use in Primary Sharing Time, The classroom, or in Family Home Evening.Click here for Helpful Hints For Using Books.

Available In: Print Format Only

  • Our Water World!
  • Art Activitiy: I Am Thankful For Fish
  • Animal Kingdom!
  • Art Activity: I Am Thankful For Animals
  • The Garden of Eden
  • Art Activity: Adam and Eve
  • Busy Body Bingo!
  • Art Activity: Listening Ears
  • Art Activity: Look and See!
  • Our Family Tree
  • Let's Obey All Day!
  • Art Activity: Obey All Day!
  • The Happy Home Hunt!
  • Art Activity: Happy Home Puppet
  • Food Fun!
  • Love Makes The World Go 'Round!
  • Reverent Ways
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