Creative and unique LDS Primary Talks that teach topics of interest for young Latter-Day Saints. Simple rhyming verses make these talks fun to listen to and great teaching tools. The fun visuals ensure attention of those listening to the talks.

Primary Talks For Little Latter-Day Saints is full of creative Primary Talks for Kids designed to teach topics of interest. Your Primary Child will have fun helping you with these 5 simple steps to creating a fun and easy to give Primary Talk.

  • 1. Copy the pages needed for your talk
  • 2. Color picture
  • 3. Cut out each picture along outside lines
  • 4. Mount on a piece of construction paper or colored cardstock.
  • 5. Cut the corresponding written part of talk and mount on back of matching picture. Laminate for durability.

Available In: Print Format Only

    Talks included:
  • Reverence
  • Mighty Men (B of M Prophets)
  • Honesty
  • Our Wonderful World
  • My Family
  • Happy Helpers
  • Prayer
  • Service Searchers
  • Temples
  • My Bishop
Our Price: $7.95

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